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8th June 2017
Summer Term 2

Welcome back to Summer Term 2, we hope you have had a relaxing break! We have lots of fun and exciting events throughout this half-term for the children to look forward to, including parent workshops and lots of delicious food tasting! Our focus for this half-term is Food and each class has chosen a country to link this to – Year 5 will be looking at Mexico.
In English, to link with our focus we will look at recipes, instructional writing and explanations. We will be extending our knowledge of grammar and punctuation to include different tenses and more advanced punctuation like colons. We will be writing instructions and recipes in a range of different informal and formal styles.

In Maths, we will be recapping what we have already learned to deepen our knowledge and understanding of key areas. This will include number work, the four operations, including long multiplication and division, fractions, measures and shape.

In Science, we will continue with our ‘Animals including Humans’ topic. We will focus on Healthy Eating and how we can lead a Healthy Lifestyle. This will include looking at balanced diets, food groups, exercise and unhealthy lifestyles to compare the two.

In History, we will continue with our African theme and look at The Kingdom of Benin. We will look at where the Kingdom of Benin was, the leaders of the Kingdom, the lives of the people that lived during the time and the trade network.

In Art, we will work towards making something special to sell at our Summer Open Evening, linked to our focus country – Mexico.

15th May 2017
Summer Term 1

Welcome back!

This half term we will enjoy a series books by famous author Enid Blyton. We will research the author and discover her inspiration for such captivating writing as well as sampling some of her best mystery stories including The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat, The Mystery of the Strange Messages and more. In English we will continue to focus on reading comprehension especially inference and author’s use of language. In SPAG we will look at punctuation such as ellipsis and inverted commas and grammar focuses such as determiners and pronouns.

In maths this half term we will begin with a focus on number, including interpreting negative numbers in context and rounding. We will then move on to calculation including using formal methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Later in the half term we will recap shape, looking at properties and position and movement. After this, we will introduce protractors to begin to measure angles, as well as revising estimating sizes of angles in shapes. We will work on our new Formula 1 maths targets which are reading timetables, measuring angles and writing fractions as decimals.

In science we will be learning about how human bodies work. This will include exploring the main parts which make the circulatory system and how it works to keep us alive and kicking. As part of this topic, we will also look into what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy including diet and exercise. We will find out about the scientists that made discoveries about human biology in the past.

Our Geography topic this half-term will be a focus on the physical and human geography of Africa. We will begin by identifying some of its countries on a map. After this we will take individual countries such as Kenya and South Africa and study in depth its cultures, traditions, comparing them to our own. We also investigate how we can help some poorer African countries by supporting movement and charities such as Fair Trade.

To tie in with our geography topic on Africa, this half term we will create a magnificent African landscape using paint and charcoal. We will use watercolour to create a striking sunset backdrop before using charcoal to create a silhouette on an African Savannah.
In RE will be examining beliefs of different religions about what happens after someone dies. We will also be reflecting and discussing our own beliefs about this difficult subject.

21st March 2017
Spring Term 2

This half term’s focus is poetry. Over the next six weeks we will enjoy a range of poetry compilation books written by a variety of authors. Our children will read and perform these poems; considering which is their favourite and why. During this time, we will also look at the features of poetry and write some exciting poems of our own! We will continue to work on our reading comprehension and SPAG targets.

In Maths we will continue to work hard on learning and securing our times table knowledge. We will also look at decimals; rounding, ordering and comparing these numbers. We will look at shape and describe properties as well as learn to reflect and translate shapes. In statistics, we will gather and present data as well as read and interpret information from graphs and charts.
Our new science topic is ‘evolution and inheritance.’ Children will investigate the terms evolution and consider how species’ have changed over time. We will also look at how animals have adapted to suit their habitats over time. In addition, we will continue to learn our Rocket Science vocabulary and practice our reading comprehension skills in science.

To build on our geographical knowledge of China from last half term, this half term we will focus on the history of China, specifically the Shang Dynasty. We will study a range of artefacts and look at some important figures from during this period.

To tie in with our history topic, in DT this half term we will be designing and making pottery in the style of bronze pottery from the Shang Dynasty.
In computing we will be focusing on the topic ‘We are Website Designers’. We will plan and design our own website, as well as evaluating its effectiveness.
There are lots of exciting things happening this half term, so keep checking the website for updates!

Spring Term 1

Happy New Year! This half term our focus will be Shakespeare. We will be finding out all about the life of Shakespeare and reading the stories adapted from his most famous plays including Twelfth night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. As well as all of that, we will investigate Shakespeare’s fabulous use of language including sayings and phrases which are still used today.

In maths we will begin by focusing on number; interpreting negative numbers in context and rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. We will continue to focus on calculation involving all four operations, as well as learning new skills such as using a protractor to accurately measure angles. We will also spend time working on fractions. We find and calculate equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages and learn to add and subtract mixed and improper fractions. Another exciting challenge is our Choppy Times table challenge. We will focus on a new times table each week to earn stickers for our bookmark and become times table champions!

During this half term in science we will be learning about electricity. Year 5 will plan and carry out several investigations into how electrical circuits work as well as the components which make them and their symbols. We will also learn about some important scientists who were key to the advancement of electricity in their day. Don’t forget to keep practicing your Rocket Science words!

Our topic in geography this half term is the physical and human geography of China. We will be able to identify main cities, rivers and landmarks, as well as be able to compare the similarities and differences between regions in China and compare the culture with our own. To tie in with this topic, our art work will be focused on Chinese water colour. We will practice using Chinese methods and move on to producing our own water colour paintings of a floral design and to celebrate Chinese New Year a rooster which we will then use to make a lantern and fan.

Our compouting topic this half term is called ‘ We are artists’. We will create some exciting new art work using a range of programs to make tessellations. We will end by creating our own landscape design.