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Class 6C

Welcome to Class 6C with Mrs Costello.

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8th June 2017
Summer Term 2

Welcome back to Summer Term 2 – the children’s last half-term at Chopwell Primary School before they head off to their chosen Secondary School! We have lots of fun and exciting events throughout this half-term for the children to look forward to, including transition days to their Secondary School. Our focus for this half-term is Food, each class has chosen a country to link this to – Year 6 will be looking at South Africa.

In English, to link with our focus we will look at recipes, instructional writing and explanations. We will be applying our grammar and punctuation knowledge to make our writing even more organised and easier to understand.

In Maths, we will be recapping what we have already learned to deepen our knowledge and understanding of key areas. This will include number work, the four operations, including long multiplication and division, fractions, measures, shape and ratio and proportion.

In Science, we will continue with our ‘Animals including Humans’ topic. We will focus on Healthy Eating and how we can lead a Healthy Lifestyle. This will include looking at balanced diets, food groups, exercise and unhealthy lifestyles to compare the two.

In History, we will continue with our African theme and look at The Kingdom of Benin. We will look at where the Kingdom of Benin was, the leaders of the Kingdom, the lives of the people that lived during the time and the trade network.

In Art, we will work towards making something special to sell at our Summer Open Evening, linked to our focus country – South Africa.

15th May 2017
Summer Term 1

Welcome back!

We have jumped straight back into the hard work in Year 6! It’s SATs half-term! Our topic is based around Enid Blyton.

In English we will be focusing on a different text every two-weeks. All of our texts are mystery books by Enid Blyton, The Mystery of the Strange Messages, The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat and The Mystery of the Invisible Thief, to name a few. The children will look at using evidence from the text and how to develop the use of inference to answer comprehension questions.

In Maths we will be focusing on number, fractions, algebra, statistics, ratio and proportion. We will recap topics that we have looked at previously to deepen our knowledge and understanding. As SATs are quickly approaching we will also be working very hard on our Maths revision, looking at past questions and answering methods.

In Science we are finding out about animals including humans. We will be paying particular attention to The Circulatory System, focusing on the parts and functions. We will also look at healthy lifestyles and how having a healthy lifestyle benefits our bodies. Finally, we will look at how water and nutrients are transported around our bodies.

In Geography we will focus on Africa. We will start with basics such as where Africa is, population, land use, countries within Africa, and other key facts and figures. We will also look at the climate, where Africa is in relation to the equator and how this affects climate etc. We will also look at the different time zones within Africa. We will focus on a different country within Africa for each of our lessons, for example, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Ghana. We will also look at why people choose to visit Africa and what is on offer for tourists.

This half-term in Art we will focus on African Art. We will begin by looking at different patterns and colours used on African clothing and we will design some of our own. We will then look at and design some Maasai jewellery, African masks and African water jugs. We hope to be able to make some Maasai jewellery using clay and decorating with typical African designs and colours.
In RE will be examining beliefs of different religions about what happens after someone dies. We will also be reflecting and discussing our own beliefs about this difficult subject.

21st March 2017
Spring Term 2

Welcome to the second half of Spring term and as the weather warms up we are warming up our brains ready for some challenging work.

In English we are diving into poetry. In reading, the children will use poetry books by well-known authors Gervase Finn, Roger McGough, Spike Milligan and Michael Rosen to explore a wide range of poems and themes. The children will look at using evidence from the text and how to develop the use of inference to answer comprehension questions.

This term in writing, the children look at how different styles of poetry can be created and have a go at writing poems based on some of the ones they have read.

In maths we will continue to work hard as we prepare for our SATs tests.
We will be focusing on fractions, algebra, shape and recapping some areas of number. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, ordering and simplifying fractions will be one of our main focuses, as well as looking at algebra.
We will continue to look at reasoning questions from past papers within our lessons to further prepare the children for tests.

In science we are finding out that living things produce offspring of the same kind as the adult, and that normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents. We will also identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways. The theory of evolution and the life and work of Charles Darwin will also be part of our topic.

During our History lessons this half-term we will be focusing on the Shang Dynasty. We will use what we already know about China to support our learning. We will explore how we know about the Shang Dynasty, we will look at artefacts and discuss what they tell us about the period in time, we will learn about the first 10 Kings of the Shang Dynasty, and we will find out about the calendar and writing systems that were used during the time.

This half-term in Art we will focus on artefacts from the Shang Dynasty. We will use evidence and findings from the past to create our own dĭng (ancient Chinese cauldrons used for cooking and ritual offerings) out of clay.
We will also look at oracle bones and recreate some of these using clay.

In RE will be examining beliefs of different religions about what happens after someone dies. We will also be reflecting and discussing our own beliefs about this difficult subject.
In computing we will be using ‘Scratch’ (a programming language) to develop an ‘app’ for improving our times tables knowledge. We will create a multi-level game with different screens for each level.

And of course SATs…Every week, in the run-up to SATs, the children in year 6 will have Maths and English Booster sessions (3 per week). During these sessions we will look at past exam papers and questions, and teach methods for the children to use when answering questions.

Spring Term 1

Happy new Year! And we are off to a flying start with our new topic based around Shakespeare.

In English we will be focusing on the stories from Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet. We will be having a go at writing and performing our own play scripts and writing the stories from the plays. Later on in the term we will look more at the actual language used in Shakespeare and find out about some of his most famous quotes.

In maths we have a special times table challenge this term. We will complete our tables challenge test first thing on a Friday morning and if we get 17 or more out of 20 then we get a sticker on our book marks. The more stickers then the more likely we are to win prizes. We will also still be working very hard on our maths revision ready for SATs.

In science and design technology we will be finding out how to ‘Light it up’. This topic on electricity builds on the work we have already done and we will be investigate the effect of lengths of wires on the brightness of bulbs and loudness of buzzers. We will be using our knowledge to build our own circuits and switches for electric lights.

In computing we will be taking on the role of market researchers and compiling our own surveys and questionnaires. When we have collected the data, we will use a variety of tools to make graphs and charts to help present our findings.

In RE we will be considering how our lives can be ‘moral mazes’ and how different faiths and religions cope with decisions they have to make.

So a busy half term ahead of us – don’t forget to look out for after school SAT Booster Classes as well.