Welcome to Nursery with Miss Baker, Miss Hume, Mrs Hornsby, Mrs Moscardini, Miss Andrews and Mrs Grant.

Latest Updates

8th June 2017
Summer Term 2

This half term our topic is ‘The Seaside!’ We will be learning all about The Seaside through a range of story books. We will also be having a themed week where we will be learning about India! We have lots of exciting activities to do as well as creating an Indian themed product to sell at our school summer fayre!
During our first two weeks back at Nursery we will be focussing on India. We will be exploring a map of the world to identify where India is and will be learning about the Indian culture. We will have the opportunity to dress up in Indian clothes and dance to Indian music. We will also be making a range of Indian foods including Barfi (Indian sweets) and onion bhajis. We will be tasting a wide range of foods and will be learning to identify and talk about our likes and dislikes. We will also be creating mehndi hand patterns using paints and creating Rangoli patterns using coloured rice.

We will also have our very own Indian restaurant role play area in Nursery where we will be taking orders and making some yummy foods from India.
For the rest of the half term our topic will be ‘The Seaside’. We will have great fun in our seaside themed role play areas including an Ice-Cream parlour in our courtyard and a fish and chip shop! Our work will be focussed around Seaside and under the sea stories including The Rainbow Fish, Sharing a Shell, The lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and Lucy and Tom Visit the Seaside! We will be doing lots of cooking this half term including making a packed lunch for Mr Grinling!
For some of our children this is their final half term in Nursery. We will be working very hard to develop key skills ready for our transition to reception including writing our name, counting to 10 and learning new letter sounds! What a busy half term we have to look forward to!

15th May 2017
Summer Term 1

We would like to welcome all of our new starters to nursery, they are already learning our nursery routine and making new friends.

This half term our topic is Transport! Each week we will be focussing on a different type of transport! As part of this topic we will also be learning about people who help us and the different vehicles they could use. We will be learning about cars and road safety, emergency vehicles, trains, hot air balloons and vehicles used on a building site! We are also very excited as this half term nursery will be visiting our brand new forest school where we will be planting vegetables and looking for mini beasts!
In our nursery environment this half term we have a fire station and travel agent’s role play area! We can’t wait to play in here with our new friends where we will be extending our vocabulary and developing our imagination.

We have already been visited by the fire service and had a good look around their fire engine! They told us all about what we need to do if there is a fire and how we can make sure we stay safe! We also got to try on their helmets and had a great time using their big hose pipes to spray water!
This half term in mathematics we will be focussing on 2D shapes. We will be learning their names and their properties and we will be using them to create pictures such as trains and rockets. We will also be identifying shapes that we see in the environment.

For the children who will be moving into reception in September we will be working hard this half term making sure we are ready for this transition. As part of this we will be learning to write our name and become more independent with dressing as well as counting and identifying numerals to 10.

21st March 2017
Spring Term 2

We are all back to nursery after a lovely half term break. We are now in spring term 2 and have lots of activities and fun things to do this half term. In Nursery our topic this half term is stories by Julia Donaldson. We will be reading a range of books written by her including The Smartest Giant in Town, Fox’s Socks, Monkey Puzzle, Room on a Broom, Hamilton’s Hats and The Gruffalo.

We are already back into the swing of things after the holidays and have been very busy making new clothes for the Smartest Giant in Town! We have enjoyed finding the Giant’s clothes and have been identifying and comparing big and small.

This half term we will be doing lots of investigation work to find out which materials would be the best to make a range of clothes and hats. We also have our very own Fancy Dress Shop in nursery and have been dressing independently and serving the customers in the shop.
The children have waited very patiently for our new nursery playground to be finished and this week it was open for us to use! We were all very excited on Monday morning and couldn’t wait to go out and practice our balancing and climbing skills, as well as using our strong arms to swing like a monkey on the monkey bars!

Spring Term 1

We have lots of staff in Nursery that look after us and teach us new skills! We have Miss Baker our class teacher and our wonderful teaching assistants, Miss Hume, Mrs Clark, Mrs Hornsby, Miss Andrews and Mrs Grant!
We have a brand new and exciting nursery environment! We have lots of new areas to explore that will help us learn new skills and enable us to become confident, independent learners! We also have free-flow access to a fantastic outdoor space! You will often find us exploring the mud kitchen in our all in one suites and wellies or playing in the courtyard! We go to soft play every week where we have the opportunity to develop our physical skills!

We are all settling back into Nursery after our Christmas holidays and are welcoming our new starters!

This half term our topic in Nursery is Traditional Tales!
We will be covering a range of traditional stories including The Little Red Hen, The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Jack and the Beanstalk and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We

Our first week will be spent focusing on The Little Red Hen.We will be getting dressed up and making masks to retell the story to our friends. We will also be making our own delicious bread and tasting different breads from around the world! We are already having great fun looking after the animals on the farm and serving the customers in our bakery!

12th January 2017
Bread Making!

Today we have been making bread for the little red hen!

We had great fun mixing all of the ingredients together! We watched carefully as it changed and formed a dough!

We enjoyed watching it as it cooked…. it got bigger and bigger as it began to rise!

We were very pleased with our delicious loaf of crusty bread, it was yummy!

19th September 2016
Marvellous Minibeasts!

Today we have had a fantastic time in nursery searching for minibeasts!

We put on our wellies and went on a hunt around our school grounds! We found lots of creatures including spiders, worms, slugs and we even found a chrysalis! We carefully ticked off the minibeasts that we found on our tick sheets and used the magnifying glasses to have a closer look!

The children collected lots of leaves and twigs on our hunt and wanted to create their own pictures using these natural resources.

We hope you enjoy the photographs!