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Reading Activities - Autumn 2

Week 1 - Room on the Broom 


Happy Halloween!! This week our story is Room on the Broom. Please add any photographs of the children completing the activities to your Evidence Me app - the children love talking about what they have been doing at home!


1. Make some magical potions - add food colouring and/or glitter to water, explore mixing the potions to see what happens.


2. Go outside and collect some sticks - can you make your own magical wand or broomstick? 


3. Rhyming game - can you find some rhyming words in the story, or have a go at the rhyming game below. 


4. Draw the characters from the story - you could cut them out and retell the story. 

Week 2 - Izzy Gizmo


This week we are really excited to read our story! Most of the children have not read it before, so the adults have chosen a couple of activities for you to try at home. Please add any pictures or comments to Evidence Me. 


1. Junk Modelling - make a model for Izzy using this you have at home. You could use kitchen roll tubes, empty boxes, tissues or tissue boxes etc. 


2. Design a new invention for Izzy to build. You could draw a picture of your idea, and ask an adult to help label or write about your invention. 


3. Izzy has lots of emotions / feelings during the story. Can you name some emotions and say what makes you feel that way, e.g. I feel happy when....

Week 3 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt! 


We're back to the beginning of our book rotation this week! We hope the children are enjoying the stories and activities! As always, please add any pictures or comments to Evidence Me - the children love talking about what they have been up to at home! 


1. Create a Woodland picture using natural resources - you could collect sticks, mud and leaves to create your masterpiece! 


2. Describing words - can you think of other words to describe each scene in the story...e.g. you could describe the grass as 'spikey' and 'green'.


3. Messy play - you could make your own 'thick, oozy mud' at home!

You'll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Brown paint or dark food coloring

Encourage the children to mix the baking soda and water until you get to the required mud-like consistency. Then just add some dark paint or food colouring. The children can walk across the mud, acting out the muddy scene from the book, or grab some toys to squelch through the mud too.

Week 4 - The Gruffalo 


1. The Gruffalo is quite a scary creature!! Can you design your own Woodland creature? Ask an adult to help you label your creature (terrible claws, orange eyes etc.).


2. Use the recipe below to make 'Owl on Toast' - yum! 


3. We love using our Gruffalo puppets and story spoons in the classroom, can you make your own Gruffalo puppets and retell the story to your family? 

Week 5 - Rumble in the Jungle 


1. Design your own Jungle animal - which features would you add to help them explore the Jungle? Can they climb tall trees? Can they swim quickly to escape predators? Can they dig to hide underground? 


2. Make a paper chain snake.


3. Learn and perform a counting song, e.g. 5 Little Monkeys or 5 Little Speckled Frogs.