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The Future is Mine


At Chopwell Primary School and Nursery we encourage our pupils to become lifelong learners. We want to give children an education of the highest standard, aiming for excellence in all our school activities and encouraging all pupils, whatever their ability to achieve the best they possibly can. We believe that providing pupils with a well-balanced, enriching and engaging English curriculum will aid them in developing into independent learners who thrive in and out of the school environment.


Chopwell Primary School works to ensure that all children develop the ability to communicate effectively and that any barriers to learning are swiftly identified and steps are taken to remove them. Our English policy will ensure that all pupils become confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers, preparing them for life after primary school.

Handwriting Policy

Improvements in handwriting using letterjoin

Improvements in handwriting using letterjoin 1 Work sample. Writing on left is using letterjoin.