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The Future is Mine

Year 5 Miss Hillary

Cycling Generation 08.10.18- 10.10.18

The cycling generation are working with our class to help us gain skills in order for us to safely ride our bikes! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first 2 days. The first day we learned how to do complete an 'M Check' before we use our bikes as well as how to set off and stop safely. The following days we split into two groups and set off on our bike journeys with our instructors. 

English Flotsam Fun

- 12.09.18

Our topic title for this half term is ‘Blue Planet’. To link this with our English we are going to be reading the book “Flotsam” by David Wiesner. Today, the children searched the trays for flotsam (washed up items) they had to predict which tray belonged to some of our characters using the items to justify their reasons. 

English - Flotsam fun