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Year 4 Miss Munro

Making Cave Paintings

Making Cave Paintings 1
Making Cave Paintings 2
Making Cave Paintings 3
Making Cave Paintings 4
Making Cave Paintings 5
Making Cave Paintings 6
Making Cave Paintings 7

Measuring Area


The children had great fun comparing the area of five yellow squares and five blue squares. The children soon realized that each square needed to be the same size in order to achieve accurate results.  

Measuring Area by Counting Squares

Measuring Area by Counting Squares 1
Measuring Area by Counting Squares 2
Measuring Area by Counting Squares 3
Measuring Area by Counting Squares 4
Measuring Area by Counting Squares 5
Measuring Area by Counting Squares 6

Creating a Collage Mountain


The children had great fun on Friday making mountains out of a selection of different materials. Once the mountains were glued down they then added patterns and various textures to their pictures. I just wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to all the parents who helped make the activity enjoyable for the children. 

Parent Workshop

Creating a gymnastic Sequence


The children have been working on symmetrical and asymmetrical balances to use in a small gymnastic sequence. After doing lots of floor work and exploring how to move from one balance to another, the children then tried their balances on small apparatus. 

Gymnastic Sequences

Playing a multiplication game to help with times tables


In class 4M we have been focusing on using our times tables to help with multiplication and division problems. To make it a bit more interesting, the children challenged a partner to see who could answer the multiplication questions and reach the finish line first on their times table board game.

Multiplication Game

Walking through Chowpell Woods


To enhance the children’s creative writing they needed to describe a winter woodland setting. To help the children have a better understanding for their setting description, year three and four went for a walk through Chopwell Woods. The children had the opportunity to look at and write down words to describe the sky, trees, streams, paths and much more. It was a fun afternoon out, full of tree hugging, writing about the five senses, using mirrors to look at the sky and making bark rubbings.

Walk through Chopwell Woods

Sketching Castles


In art this term the children in 4M have sketched their own imaginary castles. They then used various shading techniques such as: scumbling, hatching and cross hatching to shade their castle.  

Sketching Castles