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 A daily maths lesson is a feature of life at Chopwell where children get to explore, investigate and consolidate a variety of mathematical concepts form the National Curriculum. These are normally organised into blocks of work with the following key focuses.

       . Understanding and investigating with number

       . Developing and applying calculation - addition and subtraction

       . Developing and applying calculation - multiplication and division

       . Measurement (including length, height, weight and time)

       . Geometry (Investigating shape and pattern)

       . Statistics

The description below offers a broad outline of the mathematical development that takes place in each block throughout KS1 and KS2.

Children will use concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and symbols to become fluent in a variety of concepts. They will be introduced to a wide range of mathematical vocabulary which will enable them to understand what it is they need to do.

They will also be expected to develop their mathematical thinking through problem solving and reasoning alongside their fluent recall of facts and use of written procedures.


Our children are enthusiastic and and keen to learn, they enjoy investigating and have some great success with their learning. Our maths is enabling children not only to grasp basic concepts but spend a lot more time investing, reasoning and problem solving using the mathematical knowledge they have learnt.