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Home Reading Activities

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note about our home reading in Year 1. We will be following the same structure as last year. 

Instead of choosing a story themselves, children will all get the same story (we have 6 new stories in our Year 1 rotation, and children will get each of the stories once per half term). Below is the order in which children will receive the stories.

This follows our phonic scheme, allows children to know stories really well, supports comprehension skills, and allows us to carrying on learning in school and at home. We understand this means the children will be reading the same stories over and over, but this is really important in terms of developing comprehension skills and fluency. 

Below are the home learning activity grids for each story. Please encourage children to complete 1 or 2 activities each time they have the story, as well as reading and talking about the stories lots to support comprehension skills. 

If children complete the activities at home, we would love to see them! Please send them into school with the children, or send a photograph via the school email address. 

Thank you again for your continued support! 

Mrs Coates