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Year 3 Mr Orman

Welcome to our year 3 page. Below you will be able to see everything that we are getting up to over the year. We are very happy to see everyone back after a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing where the year takes us.

Spring 2 - History - Hancock Museum Visit - Ancient Egypt

Spring 1 - Computing - Coding

Spring 1 - Geography - Pickle Palace Workshop, Fairtrade

Autumn 2 - Art - Plant Art

Autumn 1 - DT - Art Bots

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In DT, we used our knowledge of circuits to build Art Bots that would draw across a piece of paper. The whole class were creative and very supportive of one another.

Autumn 1 - NUSTEM Workshop

The children were able to participate in an NUSTEM workshop this week. They looked into what a geologist was and studied different types of meteorites from space. Then, they made predictions as to which meteorites were magnetic and then carried out an experiment to find out.

It was lovely to see so many family members coming and supporting the class during the Pickle Palace workshop. The children really enjoyed it.

Autumn 1 - History - Romans

In history, we have been looking at the Romans. We have explored the rise of the Roman empire and how they expanded across Europe and Britain. We also explored who the Celts were and the impact of Boudicca's rebellion against the romans through roleplay.

Autumn 1 - Computing - Esafety

In computing, we have been looking at the importance of E-safety and how to use the internet properly. We can now explain the concept of cyber bulling and can identify when someone is not using the internet properly and who we can tell when that happens. We worked together to gather important information to help us make effective e-safety posters.

In science, we have been looking at electricity. We have worked together to identify battery powered appliances and mains powered appliances. We then identified electrical components which helped us make a working, electrical circuit.

Autumn 1 - English - The Iron Man

In English, we have been focusing on The Iron Man by Ted Hughs. We have used roleplay and group work to gather some amazing ideas that we have then used in our writing. The class have really enjoyed this topic and produced some great writing over the last half term.