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Remote learning feedback

We asked the parents what they thought of the remote learning offer, what was going well and what we could do to improve. 


57 families responded

77% thought that the amount of work set was 'about right' 

20% thought too much 

3% thought too little 


We'll therefore aim to keep the work to the same level. 


79% thought their child was still making progress at home. While this is a high percentage we feel that it needs to be higher- we'll be further exploring which subjects parents feel children aren't making progress in. 

We asked what aspects of the home learning were going well? Some of the comments included: 



What do you feel is working well with the remote learning?


“The kids can still interact with their teacher and friends and having the teacher tell the kids what to do throughout the day.”

“Its much better than last time, especially the live lessons”.

“Live lessons are great.”

“I prefer doing the English together online as we normally struggle with this”.

“It is like they are still in school and part of their class”.

“The fact the teacher is there and explaining”.

“My daughter loves seeing her friends and teachers”.

“The interaction that she is still able to have with her teacher and her class. It gives her the encouragement and motivation she needs sometimes”.

“The live lessons mean the teachers can see how well the students are doing and still have that interaction with them. Also everyone can see each other (students) and it helps with their socialising”.

“Having the interaction with his teacher and class friends is making remote learning a lot more fun for my son. He looks forward to each lesson with his teacher!

“Interaction and dedication of the teachers, planning of work is available on website the day before to prepare”.

“The myon, number bots, rockstars work apps are great”

“I like that for his age it’s not too screen based. The welcome song and story/nursery rhyme works really well and keeps the children involved. We have especially enjoyed making the nursery rhyme props. I think the screen time of once a day at a specific time, keeps the kids in a routine and the meetings are the right length of time for the age group”.

“The timetable helps with routine”

“The social aspect, being able to interact with friends and seeing teacher via Teams.
Putting a little bit of routine into the day”.

“Encouraging some self-directed learning. The online sessions means there is still some interaction”.

“Having access to the children's teacher. The children being taught the same time as the children attending school”.

“Think the teachers are amazing”.

“Twice daily Teams for engagement and socialising with peers.
Work set in a timely manner.
The consistency in modules.
Love the class read”.

“It is all good, the lessons are easy to find, the timetable for the day's work is easy to follow, the live sessions are great as they can see both teachers and classmates.
I think the whole School is doing a brilliant job, thank you”.

“Think it’s all working well- better just having English and doing maths ourselves with the pre recorded video”.

“Easier to get my children to engage with learning when they see the teachers every day.”

“For us definitely having the teacher on screen helps him focus a lot better he accepts the home school day a lot better knowing he will see his teacher and his class friends than what he does when he’s working for mum and dad. We just struggle to balance home schooling with both of us working”.

“That my child knows what he should do and if he needs help he can ask me our his class teacher on his teams.”

“Work keeps us busy from 9-3 so fills school hours”.

“Afternoon story time.”


Summary of what's working well.

Thanks for your feedback most parents really like the live lessons and we feel that it helps us stay connected to the children and the children to their friends and takes the pressure off parents to get the children to do work.  It's lovely to see their faces every day. The routine seems to be helping and the amount of work set also seems about right. 


We also asked what could be improved. See below for the suggestions and our responses:

The main things we'll be doing immediately are:

  • Adding a live element to the maths teaching so children get feedback and teachers can assess and plan more effectively. 
  • Printing the White Rose maths sheets so parents don't have to draw them out- the sheets for the following week can be collected from the school office each Friday afternoon. 
  • Adding a live phonics lesson in between the videos to keep children on track and give the teacher a better sense of progress. 
  • Adding a live session to introduce the afternoon lessons. 





A self-guide for parents on how to navigate the online learning and what is expected from the children so that a check can be kept by parents that the children are meeting work and deadlines.

Parents to be directed to class pages where the class timetable is.

Looking forward to see how screen free Friday works moving forward.
One individual 5-minute chat per month with class teacher to maintain the relationship.
Myon quantity and quality of books increased or a way to quiz on an actual real book rather than a screen.

Individual chat with teacher is a lovely idea- it would have to replace an online session but can definitely be explored.


Agreed ‘real’ books are preferable to books on screen. Parents to be directed to library service and AR book finder for appropriate books.

It might be difficult to do but maybe once a month an update from teacher to let us know how she thinks each child is doing, maybe by us submitting the work to the "Evidence Me " website
rather than emails or Facebook.

Evidence me is only available to EYFS children. Updates from teachers can definitely be explored. We’re currently trialling handing in assignments on Teams with the older ones- we’ll see how that goes and filter to younger years if appropriate.

More interactive learning, doing things not just writing my children enjoy experimenting crafting and exploring new things so screen free Friday is a good call.

Screen free Friday already implemented, non-screen-based activities are promoted- we’ll try and find a balance of these as they’re difficult for working parents.  

With the way the lessons are spread out and the amount of work, there is no way to get out for exercise, especially if you have more than one year group at home. Could one of the days just be core subjects Maths and English to allow for time to get out the house?

We’ll explore moving the home P.E days to the same afternoon so if you have more than one child a family walk could be part of that P.E- good point.

Struggle for exercise as no easy access to outdoor space and no time between lessons to get out.

Work is very monotonous, same videos day after day, lessons are structured in a more fun way in school to engage children, could videos be alternated with relevant maths activities? More outdoor activities to allow time for exercise would be good too.

As soon as the new WIFI is fitted the maths videos will work in conjunction with a live teaching element which will help liven things up.

Increase the time for the afternoon session.

This will be easier once the new WIFI is fitted.

Make the maths where you just input the answers rather then writing them out in the books


We’d love to be able to do this but the PDFs won’t convert well to Word. We’ll be providing print outs for all the maths from Friday.

By sending out workbooks so children aren’t having to have lots of screen time.

I worry massively about the phonics, maybe a different way of learning sounds rather than watching Rosie videos each day would be beneficial.

From next week we’ll be providing each phonics group with a live lesson once a week this will hopefully keep them going with the phonics videos in between the live lessons.

I think more live teaching and contact with a teacher, when wifi is down at the school I think this discourages the children a little and doesn't give them much motivation as when the teacher is there to encourage them.

Agreed, the new WIFI system is being fitted this weekend so we’ll be providing as much live teaching as possible

I would prefer a paper copy of his work so I can sit down with him if he's stuck

We’re going to be printing weekly maths sheets from Friday.

I feel like a different platform would be useful. Zoom is far better and glitches less than TEAMs

Zoom is not a secure platform- we’ve gone with teams as it’s secure though sometime glitchy.

Elsa would be good.

Our ELSA is looking after key workers etc at the minute but as soon as it’s possible we’ll have ELSA up and running.

Worry the work is not enough, worry work is not being explained by parents to the kids sufficiently, maybe the teacher could take the kids through the day’s work first thing at 9.15 a short session 15 mins then sane at the end of the day to see if any issues or problems with work set!

Once the new WIFI is installed we’ll be increasing the live sessions so teachers will be able to explain the day more fully.

Also provide an overview/slides of any online Teams lessons so that if we are not able to take part at that time kids can catch up with learning later and aren’t missing out completely.

This is possible for some lessons but not unfortunately not the English as a lot of it is child directed and can’t be taught through worksheets.

Maybe record or make notes of lesson so it can be played back, it’s hard trying work and sit with the kids to make sure they know what they are doing.