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Covid testing info

We've been lucky enough to have been chosen as one of 150 schools nationwide for whole school Covid testing. These test include both anti-body tests and Covid infection tests. 


Please read the below information and watch this video for more information. 


Step guide - to sign up and register a child.


Step 1:


As a parent/guardian, you will need to click onto the registration link to register your child.


(link is just further up the page) 


Step 2:


You will be asked the following 2 questions -


“Are you a 16-19 yr old student at the school” and “are you a member of staff”


Select No to both questions.


You then need to enter your information as a parent/guardian – Name, Email Address and set up a password, then click Next.


Step 3:


You will need to tick the first 4 boxes that you confirm that you consent your child into the study. - do not click the fifth box as this states “tick this box If you do not want your child to take part” – you will be unable to continue if you click the fifth box.


It will state that you have been sent a confirmation email link.


Step 4:


Check your emails and your junk folder in your emails.


You will receive an email to validate your email - click Validate Email.


Step 5:


After clicking Validate Email it will ask you to enter your email and password you set up whilst registering. - enter these details and click Sign In.


Once logged in it will say “If you have a child to register, please click here: Child Registration Page


Click on the Child Registration Page and enter the details of your child - first name, last name and the school registration code which is: 131107


Then click Next.


Step 6: you will need to complete the “Parent Student Enrolment Questionnaire”


Complete all the questions and enter all information.


Once you have clicked Complete Survey, the child will then be registered in the survey.


(PLEASE NOTE: If you have multiple children you will need to repeat this process for each child - by clicking “Child Registration and register a child and complete the questionnaire for them. Each child needs a completed questionnaire, or they are NOT registered)


If you are unsure that it is completed - click Home on the left-hand side of the page and this will then show up if there is outstanding tasks to complete.