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PE and Sport Premium

Our sporting vision at Chopwell Primary is to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We aim to deliver a physical education package that encourages growth, resilience, determination, equality and exposure to a experiences and opportunities that only sporting participation can bring. Through our thriving partnership with the SSP, our children are not just enjoying the sports they are immersed in, they are excelling within them. 



Sport Premium is an allocation of funding to schools which must be accounted for demonstrating direct impacts as a result of the funding. The funding is expected to enhance school's provision by improving the quality of PE teaching being delivered and the variety of sport exposure within schools. The premium aims to ensure quality, maximised progression and development for all children across all ages. This year we received a double allocation of £17,800. 






We have again used our funding to promote sport and enhance sporting provision for the children at Chopwell Primary by continuing to invest in the ‘Premium’ level SLA (Service Level Agreement) from the SSP (School Sports Partnership). We have signed up for the 'Core', 'Premium' and 'Health & Wellbeing' SLAs. The services we receive directly from the SSP as part of these SLAs are outlined below.



Chopwell Primary receive:

·         Access to the SSP competition calendar

·         Flagship Events (Dance, Athletics etc)

·         Basic CPD package

·         Primary PE & School Sport Conference

·         1 x FREE coaching block

·         Approx. 20% discount on additional coaching blocks



Chopwell Primary receive:

·         Access to ‘Enhanced’ competitions

·         Enhanced CPD packages

·         Additional FREE coaching block

·         Approx. 30% discount on additional coaching blocks

·         Corporate discounts (clothing, medals, equipment etc.)

·         Affiliation fees paid – Youth Sport Trust, National Trust

·         PE & School Sport Consultancy – Review and Action Plan

·         Access to Blazing The Trail (cross-curricular programme)

·         Access to the Innovation Awards

·         End of Year School Engagement Report

·         Access to Gifted & Talented (Showing Potential) programme

·         Full Cluster Programme, including:

o   School Games Mark Action Plan

o   1 x Intra-School Competition Support within your school

o   Inter-School Competition at Thorp Academy (9 events in total)

o   Cluster Meetings – 1 per term

o   Leadership & Volunteering Training at Thorp Academy (for a minimum of 10 pupils)

o   1 x Day of specific subject support from the Thorp Academy PE Department within your school



Chopwell Primary receive:

·         Access to the Gateshead Schools Health & Wellbeing Award Framework (inc. Whole School Review Tool)

·         Dedicated staff support (2 x ½ days - completion of Whole School Review & School Action Plan)

·         Access to a minimum of 2 Centrally co-ordinated health & Wellbeing opportunities

·         2 x delegate places at the annual Schools Health & Wellbeing Conference

·         Access to termly Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator support forums

·         Access to 1 ‘in-school’ intervention/activity linked to identified areas of priority

·         Annual subscription to the Schools Health & Wellbeing website and a wide range of online resources

·         Regular updates and examples of good practice

·         Discounted access to APPROVED external Health & Wellbeing providers

·         Signposting to wider Health & Wellbeing services (e.g. sexual health, substance misuse, emotional health & wellbeing)



Throughout the school year we aim to allocate as much funding as possible to purchasing new equipment that will have a direct impact on our children's ability to develop their sporting abilities in line with the SSPs sporting calendar. We have purchased new netball rings, core riders, football boots and we aim to install 6 new wall mounted adjustable basketball hoops in our wonderful sports hall. We have invested significantly in high quality coaching through Newcastle United Football Club. The increased funding allows all of our children from Reception to year 6 to receive high quality P.E coaching from the NUFC that will support and upskill our teaching staff promoting independence and a high standard of PE delivery across the school. 



Our year 3/4 pupils have been attending swimming lessons every week. We are proud to say that all of our year 4 pupils have already achieved level 1, with some of our pupils already looking to achieve level 4 in the immediate future. We are working towards achieving the national expectation of every child being able to swim 25 independently by year 6.



Both KS1 and KS2 have, and will be, entering many SSP events in 2018/19. In the events the children have entered they have shown the qualities that we are encouraging. Our children have shown determination, resilience, sportsmanship, passion, empathy and humility. When our children earn their space on the Chopwell Primary School team, they understand what that means and appreciate how hard they have had to work for their position.


Up and coming sporting events that Chopwell Primary will be taking part in:

  • Y5/6 Mini-Basketball Cluster event
  • Y3/4 Mini-Basketball Competition
  • KS1 Multisport Festival
  • Gateshead Schools Dance Festival
  • Primary Multi-Sport Festival
  • Y6 Kwik Cricket Tournament
  • Y4/5 Hi 5 Netball
  • Intu Metrocentre Gateshead Schools Fun Run
  • Y5/6 Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament
  • Y5/6 Orienteering Competition
  • Gateshead Primary Athletics Festival
  • Y5/6 Mini Tennis Compeition
  • KS1 Outdoor & Adventurous Festival
  • Primary Multisport Festival
  • Y5/6 Rugby League Competition
  • Y5/6 Football League
  • Y6 Football Championships
  • Many, inter-school sporting 'friendly' events. 



Chopwell Primary have already competed in the SSP Cluster Tag Rugby Championship WINNING the event. We then went on to the Gateshead Finals coming 2nd. An incredible achievement for our school!



Chopwell Primary also entered the SSP cluster netball championships, coming a very close second in the cluster. We are incredibly proud of our children's sporting events this year so far. 







Where Chopwell Primary's Sports Premium has been allocated so far for 2018/19.

Sports Premium


Once again Chopwell Primary School proved to be a force to be reckoned with at the Cluster Year 5 and 6 Mixed Basketball Championships. Our fabulous children have been sacrificing their lunch times to practice every day and so we decided to enter two teams: Chopwell A and Chopwell B. The competition was broken down into two group stages, with our Chopwell teams being drawn in different groups. Both teams won their respective group UNDEFEATED! Our amazing teams then had to play against each other in the Final. 

Chopwell Primary School are now in the Gateshead finals. Watch this space...