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PE and Sport Premium

Our sporting vision at Chopwell Primary is to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We aim to deliver a physical education package that encourages growth, resilience, determination, equality and exposure to a experiences and opportunities that only sporting participation can bring. Through our thriving partnership with the SSP, our children are not just enjoying the sports they are immersed in, they are excelling within them.


Sport Premium is an allocation of funding to schools which must be accounted for demonstrating direct impacts as a result of the funding. The funding is expected to enhance school's provision by improving the quality of PE teaching being delivered and the variety of sport exposure within schools. The premium aims to ensure quality, maximised progression and development for all children across all ages. This year we received an allocation of £17,800.

Sporting achievements 

Chopwell Primary have already competed in the SSP Cross country competition! The children put so much effort into this and did us all proud! One Y4 boy managed to come 2nd overall and brought back a medal!

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