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Nursery Mrs Banks

What an exciting week we have had in nursery! We have been learning all about the life cycle of a frog. We had so much fun exploring our small world pond area. First hand experiences are so important for our youngest children so we were very lucky when one of our school staff brought some real frogspawn in for children to see and observe the changes over time! 

What an exciting week we have had learning all about the King's Coronation. We started the week off following a child's interest about her visit to London! We looked at where London was on a map and talked about the things we might see if we visited London! Children then went off to create their own Big Ben. We learnt about what will happen at the King's Coronation and why it is such a special day. 

We then created our own union jack flags and crowns ready for our coronation party on Friday! 

One of our children even created The Sovereigns Orb in the playdough area! 

We have had a lovely day today visiting the library! We listened to a story about Paddington Bear sight-seeing in London! We then went on a treasure hunt looking for objects to do with the King's Coronation. We finished the day off with our very own Coronation ceremony! 

We are very lucky to have a wonderful park area for our nursery children to explore. We have been developing our physical skills through running, balancing, climbing and riding a range of different bikes!

We have had an exciting morning exploring water! We have been developing our filling, emptying and pouring skills and have been using lots of vocabulary linked to capacity!

This morning we went on an Easter egg hunt! We enjoyed finding and counting the eggs. We finished off with a chocolate egg as a treat for Easter! 

Today we have started our Easter celebrations with hot cross buns for snack. We had to use the knife very carefully to spread the butter on. They tasted delicious! 

We have enjoyed visiting the library this week. We listened to a story, went on an Easter hunt and then we picked our own books to take back to enjoy at school!

In nursery we had a very exciting delivery in the form of duck eggs! We learnt all about the incubator and the very important role it has! We observed the eggs very carefully and watched as they started to hatch. We had to set up the duck cage and made sure they had water, food and a place to keep warm. We had so much fun watching them grow and we are so pleased that one of our children from year 6 are taking them to live on their farm! We can't wait to get some updates as they continue to grow. 

Today at nursery we have been learning all about Chinese New Year! We looked at where China was on our globe and discussed how we would travel there from Chopwell. We had a go at using chopsticks to pick up noodles, we found this very tricky!  We had a go at writing number in Chinese and even tasted some delicious Chinese food! 

We have had a great day at nursery celebrating halloween! We created our own spider webs using glitter, enjoyed listening to halloween stories and decorated our own delicious cakes!

Following on from the children's interests, today we have made pizzas! We chopped the peppers and onions and enjoyed helping to grate the cheese. We had to spread the tomato across our pizza base carefully with a knife and then picked which toppings we wanted. We waited for them to cook in the oven and then enjoyed them as part of our snack. They were delicious! 

We have had a fabulous first week in nursery and our new starters have settled so well. We have enjoyed exploring our new environment and making new friends. Take a look at the photos below to see what we have been up to.