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Year 2 – Mrs Cuthbertson

Welcome to Year 2!

Mrs Cuthbertson

Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

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In art the children have been looking at and exploring the colour, texture and patterns they can see in different representations of the planets in our Solar System. They have explore chalk, crayon, paint, collage and pastels. The children have looked carefully at the patterns and colours on each of the planets and then tried to recreate their own style in their artwork.

Planet Art

In English we have been exploring using commas in lists. The children had lots of words to describe aliens and they had to create sentences with commas in. The children enjoyed making funny and silly sentences as well as learning where to put commas and the and in a sentence.


The children were given 20 straws and set the challenge to find out how many of each 2D shape they could make and how many straws they had left over.

Short Tennis

We have been extremely lucky this half term to have a tennis coach in our PE lessons. It was quite tricky at first but as the weeks have gone on, the children have got better and better. 

Super Scientists

The children were given a battery holder, batteries, bulbs, wires and a bulb holder. They were then asked to make the lightbulb light up. The children began exploring, they knew the battery gave the power and began exploring how to attach the battery to the lightbulb. Eventually the lightbulb lit up! They then began to investigate buzzers and motors as well. The children ha a great time investigating and the most popular circuit was making the buzzer buzz!!

A fun and messy morning had by everyone.

Friday morning started with an explosion of art. Everyone arrived to tables of paint, chalks, pastels, tissue paper, glue and scissors. Then everyone set about creating their own solar system picture. There were no rules just pictures to help and a lot of mess!! The pictures were fantastic and everyone had great fun.

Olympic Athlete Visit

We had great fun taking part in our Olympic Athlete challenge. We tried hard to complete our Spotty dogs, leg drivers, press ups, star jumps and squats.


We have had great fun learning all about Australia. We have looked at the wildlife, amazing places to visit and the climate.

We created weather reports for Australia and recorded them.

Australia Weather Report

Still image for this video

The sun was shining and we were about to begin our investigation into plants.

We went outside to see which plants we could identify and at what stage of the life cycle they were at.

It was very interesting because some plants were just beginning to shoot, others were beginning to get blossom and some were dead.

The children looked carefully at the plants, they drew them and tried to label what they were. However we had to take some photos as we did not recognise all of the plants we found.

Telling the time

We had fun playing a game learning to tell and make the correct time on the clocks.

As part of our topic on plants we have planted sunflower seeds. We put the soil in, made a hole with our finger, put the seed in, covered it over and watered it. We are now waiting to see what happens. Hopefully they will grow!

Tri Golf

Year 2 have enjoyed an exciting course of obstacles and challenges using Tri Golf clubs and balls. This has been great fun and we are hoping to take some of the skills we have learnt to our Tri Golf tournament next half term.

Alnwick Castle

As part of Year 2's topic on Castles we had a fantastic day out at Alnwick Castle. We learnt about the different parts of the castle and the history of Alnwick Castle. The most exciting part of the day was our workshop where we learnt how to defend the castle. We looked at the different armour and weapons used by knights and soldiers, some people even got to try some of the armour on and it was very heavy! Then finally we had the battle! England needed to defend the castle from Scotland. 

Who was going to win?

A fantastic day was had by all.


Castle Models

Finally as part of our topic on Castles we made 3D castles with moving drawbridges. We had to join our castle together, cut out our drawbridges and find a way to make them move up and down. We even added towers to our castles.

Jumbo Jungle

Year 2 had a visit to Jumbo Jungle on the last day of the half term for all the hard work and effort they had shown.

They had great fun.

Earth Art

Year 2 having fun in the glorious sunshine in the forest school area.

As part of our 'Earth Art' topic we have been collecting and using natural materials to create pictures.

We used sticks, stones and leaves to create pictures of different animals.

Can you guess what they are?