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Apps for EYFS Children

Here are some Apps you might find useful - 


Recommended by DfE (Department for Education):

Lingumi (For children aged 2-5):

Sets of learning games, speech recognition games and video-based games to help with a child’s grammar and getting them speaking their first words early on.


Kaligo (For children aged 3-5):

The first digital handwriting exercise book using a stylus and tablet, built using AI and co-created with teachers, occupational therapists and neuroscientists.


Phonics Hero (For school-aged children):

Over 850 fun, varied and motivating games take a child step-by-step through the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences.


Teach Your Monster to Read (For school-aged children):

Covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying little books, designed in collaboration with leading academics.


Navigo Game (For school-aged children):

Focuses on developing skills that underpin reading, including phonics, letters and sounds, designed by UCL Institute of Education and Fish in a Bottle.


Fonetti (For school-aged children):

The world’s first ‘Listening Bookshop’ interacting with children by giving visual cues in real-time as they read aloud and highlighting where the most support is needed.



Recommended by other Teachers:

Pocket Phonics

“Best app for learning phonics … Everything is taught exactly as it would be in school, with the same methods as outlined in the national curriculum.” iPad for Kids 2013


Puppet Pals

It is fabulous for storyboarding, character writing, speaking and listening as well as a fun and engaging way of learning.


My Story

My Story is the simplest story maker and book creator in the App Store. Children can draw, use photos, record voice, type, and then send their finished creations to family and friends.



Make yourself, your friend, book character, celebrities or people from the past come to life.



This American app is a great way for children to read, write and use numbers to 20. (Please remember to model correct pronunciation when children are using any American based apps).


Kids Counting

Another great APP to encourage children to read and use numbers to 20.


Maths Tree

A simple yet attractive addition and subtraction APP.


Bugs and Numbers

This app will take up a lot of memory but well worth paying for. These are examples of good quality APPs for Early Years maths.


Busy things

Great Apps covering a range of learning around maths.


Math aged 3-5

Brilliant app that develops number recognition, sequencing and positioning. Its sister app Math aged 4-6 is also excellent.


Let’s Create

Let’s create helps develop creativity, spatial cognition, visual perception skills, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, imagination, and executive functions such as planning and organising.


Puppet Workshop

“Puppet Workshop is possibly one of the best creative apps on the market…Your child will be brought on a journey of creativity and artistic wonderment.” – AppAbled


Toca Boca

These are a great selection of role play games that enhance imagination, understanding, talking and mathematics beyond the screen.



Our children have learned how to use the real robots in class and would enjoy practising their early programming skills with this app.