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The Future is Mine

Year 2 Mr Orman

In history, we have been looking at Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We identified each of their expeditions and compared what life was like when they were alive, and how they differ from eachother. We then completed a variety of activities based around each explorer.

We have been looking at different habitats. We have discovered where certain animals might live and why. We have described what different habitats are like and who might be suited to live there.


Spring 1 - Computing - Coding

Autumn 2 - Science - Animals Including Humans

In science, we have looked at what animals need to grow and survive. We have identified how we need to keep fit and that we need water, food, sleep and air to survive.


Autumn 1 - Geography - Where We Live

In geography, we were able to look at a world map and identify where we live on it. We identified what countries are part of the UK and used Google Earth to explore different places.

Autumn 1 - Music - Hands, Feet and Heart

In music, we listened to the song 'Hands, Feet and Heart' and discussed what it was about. We learned the words and the pulse of the song. We then played single notes on the glockenspiel and practiced keeping in time with the song and each other. We then played and sang the song together.

Autumn 1 - P.E. - Coordination Skills

In P.E., we have learnt to throw in a variety of ways and to catch with good control and confidence. We then used the knowledge that we learnt to describe and copy what others have done to help improve the quality and control of throwing.

In science, we have been looking at everyday materials. We compared natural and man-made materials and talked about the properties and what they could be used for. We explored which materials change shape and how that affects what different things can be used for.

Everyone really enjoyed our trip to the park. We explored the area and discussed how we were feeling which helped us write our independent recount.

As part of our DT topic, we took part in a Pickle Palace workshop where we made and tried local dishes - Singing Hinnies and Pan Hagerty. Everyone worked really hard, took turns, listened and showed great resilience. We were all very proud of what we had achieved.

Everyone really enjoyed our walk through Chopwell Woods. We used our senses to explore our surroundings and gather vocabulary which will help us with our recount that we are currently working on in English.