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Year 6 Mrs Kelly

Our lumiere festival this year has an Indian theme in preparation of our visit to India this month. Our parent workshop in Year 6 was a great success!

Our Science topic this half term is "Forces". We have investigated water resistance and air resistance as part of our topic.

Our Science topic this half term is "Forces". We looked at how forces are used when designing buildings. Which team could build a structure to support the heaviest mass?

We visited the Centre for Life in Newcastle to learn more about Earth and Space. We learned all about the stars and nebulas in the planetarium, built a rocket to travel to Space, learned all about how fire and ice can work together and even drank from a toilet!

We've been learning about circuits in Science. We designed some games using a simple electrical circuit.

Year 6 have been digging holes to get into character! We're currently reading "Holes" by Louis Sachar