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We believe that the inclusion of a careers education is essential to ensuring that the children of Chopwell Primary grow up with ambition and are able to have full and successful lives. A child cannot want to be an engineer if they do not know what an engineer is therefore the driver of 'possibilities' underpins our curriculum; the children are taught about a variety of careers throughout their time in school and understand how their learning links to the world of work. 

Our curriculum over views can be found in this link:

To aid with the identification of careers within our topics we work closely with our partners NU:STEM to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) based careers, breaking down stereotypes and promoting these careers for all pupils. 


To ensure our pupils have access to a wide variety of career options the teaching of these careers and the encounters the children have with the world of work are tracked across school. We also gather the children's career aspirations termly and communicate these to parents so they can also have these discussions at home. It's lovely to see the the aspirations change over time from our reception children who give brilliant answers such as 'I want to be a penguin' to the older children who understand that STEM careers are options they can choose. 

Y5/6 Nissan Visit - The children learnt about the career opportunities at Nissan. We experienced different roles on the production line, visited the workshop and learnt about Nissan's history.

NU:STEM came to talk to Year 6 about possible careers, they learned about Ice Chemists and how 'Ice Cores' can help us understand the environment better. One of our students carried on his learning at home and made his own ice core- we love his really clear explanation. 

Ice Core

Want to talk to your child about possible careers? this website can help.