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Year 2 Mrs Cuthbertson

Welcome to Year 2 with Mrs Cuthbertson and Mrs Dixon. We are ready for an exciting term exploring and learning some amazing new facts linked to our topic 'Up, Up and away'. 

Our PE days will be Tuesday and Wednesday so please make sure your child has their PE kit on those days.

The children will have reading time everyday as they begin on the Accelerated Reading programme, so it is extremely important that they bring their reading folder to school every day.

We have lots of fun activities lined up for this half term so let's get off to a flying start.

Year 2 Autumn Term 2



Get ready for another fun filled half term.

This half term we will be exploring where our food comes from. We will identify the countries of the UK and the continents of the world and we will begin to look at which foods are grown where and why. We will continue our theme by looking at plants and identifying different plants and trees. We will also look at plants in different environments with a trip to The Botanical Gardens in Durham.

Then of course we have the run up to Christmas where we will be very busy learning the Christmas play and creating lots of Christmas crafts to bring home.

Our PE days are still Tuesday and Wednesday so please make sure your child has their PE kit on those days.

Please remember to send your child with their reading folder every day as there is a time every day for the children to read or quiz on their Accelerated Reader book. Thank you for your support with Accelerated Reader - the children are really enjoying it and as a class we have won many extra play times for our effort in the first half term.

In science we have been looking at the different properties of materials. We have been sorting materials and investigating how materials can shape by bending, twisting, squashing and stretching them.

This half term we have had fun learning how to programme the Bee Bots to get from Earth to different planets. We learnt how to use our instructions and how to programme a sequence of instructions so that we didn't need to put each one in at a time.

We also began to explore how to debug a programme. We followed the instructions and looked for the mistakes and then corrected them.

As part of our English work we looked at poems about Autumn Time. We went on an Autumn walk and collect different leaves that were signs of Autumn. On our walk we also stopped and used our senses to identify different signs of Autumn. Back in the classroom we looked at the different leaves and the different patterns and colours they had. We also thought about all the different signs of Autumn we had spotted when we were outside. We then wrote Autumn poems and painted Autumn leaves for our lovely display outside our classroom.

As part of our science topic on plants we visited The Botanic Gardens in Durham. We had a great day out.

It started with a tree hunt to look for the best tree for Jack to climb. We saw many different trees with interesting features including a cherry tree, red oak tree, red wood tree from Canada and a monkey puzzle tree. Next we went on a walk through the gardens identifying different plants and trees. After Lunch we planted crocus bulbs and explored the desert and rainforest. Finally, we looked at the stick insects and unusual animals within the gardens. The Golden frog was the favourite with the children.


Welcome back to another fun filled term. This half term we will begin with creating large light sculptures for our Lumiere event on the first Friday back. In our topic Fire, Fire we will be exploring heating and melting, The Great Fire of London and the dangers of fire. We will also be using the I pads and computers to develop drawing and animation skills. 

Let's get off to  a good 2019!


Welcome to the Spring Term where our topic is Fire, Fire! 


In Year 2 this week we have been very busy creating structures for the big Lumiere Light event on Friday night.

We have had fun both in the class and with our parents creating a variety of models linked to The Great Fire of London. 

Listen out for the chimes of Big Ben!!

The Great Lumiere Event

In maths we have been sorting 2D shapes.
As part of The Great Fire of London topic we were luckily enough to have a visit from Chopwell Fire Station. We found out about the protective clothing and equipment they use when going into fires. We were also very lucky because we had a fire engine to explore in the car park. We looked at all the equipment it has and the Fire fighters explained how to use it. Then best of all we each had a turn at squirting the water out of the hose!

As part of out topic Extreme Weather we have been exploring what it would be like to live in the Arctic. 

We looked at different types of homes in the Arctic and then tried to build igloos out of sugar cubes.

Sugar Cube Igloos

Final fun with NUFC in PE

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

This half term we will be going On Safari. We will be exploring Africa, looking at the wildlife, weather and way of life. We will compare a typical day in Kenya to ours.

We are also very lucky this half term to have a visitor to teach us some African Drumming.

African Drumming

As part of our Sensational Safari topic we were lucky enough to have a music teacher come into school and talk to us about African Drumming.

It was great fun and we learnt two different ways to play the drums. It was sometimes hard as you needed to tip the drum very slightly forward and hold it inbetween your knees.

African Masks - Can you spot your child?

Summer 2 - The Seaside

Measuring made fun!


This week in maths we've had lots of fun measuring. We have used rulers to measure in cms, metre sticks to measure in metres and cuisinaire rods to compare measures.

Our final challenge was linked to Usain Bolt. he can run 100 metres in under 10 seconds.  We had to find out how far we could run in 5 seconds. This was great fun and some of us could run nearly 20metres.

Measuring made fun

This half term we have been looking at picnics and the type of foods you would make and take with you.

We have made a variety of foods including :

  Rainbow omelette cakes - these were not very popular in our class

  Cheese sandwiches - everyone enjoyed these

  Teddy Bear Biscuits - extremely crumbly and very yummy

  Picnic skewers - what an afternoon.

We had looked at different types of food that we could make for different Bears at the picnic. We had Mr Sweet Tooth Bear, Mr Savoury Bear, Mr Wheat Free Bear and Mr Fruit Bear. We also looked at what we would put on our very own picnic skewer.


Finally yesterday afternoon we got to make them! There were lots of foods to choose from and we had to make 3 skewers, one savoury, one sweet and one fruit ready for our picnic on the field. 


What a fantastic end to Year 2.

Picnic Time