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Year 3 / 4 – Miss Hedley

We visited the Great Exhibition of the North - Quayside Trail. The children really enjoyed watching the animation in the pop up cinema and the sound, drawing activity at the Sage.

The children had a visit from two illustrators from The Great Exhibition of the North. The children worked very hard sketching magpies and creating unique collages. They even had to sketch with their eyes closed! The children’s work will be displayed at a family fun day at St James’ Park on 5th August!

The children really enjoyed baking Queijadas (Portuguese cupcakes) as part of International Week!

As part of International Week the children had the opportunity to taste Portuguese food! The children really enjoyed the chorizo and paella.

The children had lots of fun playing a matching game in English!

The children had a lot of fun at the library learning about British authors! We listened to part of Kaspar the Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo.

Welcome to Year 3/4!

Miss Hedley

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The children have enjoyed sketching in the style of LS Lowry! Well done!

The children had a lovely time celebrating all things British with a traditional afternoon tea linked to our topic of the United Kingdom!

In art we have been creating sketches of Egyptian gods and hieroglyphics.

Easter competition - fabulous effort 3/4H!

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