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It is our intent for the Religious Education element of our school curriculum to engage, inspire, challenge and encourage pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to answer challenging questions, explore different religious beliefs, values and traditions and develop a more rigorous understanding of the numerous religious traditions, beliefs and practices that are followed in our multi-cultural society. We want them to know how religious education enables pupils to combat prejudice, preparing them for adult life, employment and life-long learning. 

It has never been more important for the children we teach to build not tolerance but acceptance of others' faiths and the quality teaching of an inclusive RE curriculum is the first step towards that acceptance. 

In Early Years, our RE curriculum begins looking at things that make us the same and things that make us different to others. Children learn about their feelings, how they can express their feelings and how others are feeling. Children in our Early Years learn about key celebrations and festivals from around the world including Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year and Diwali. This allows our children to develop a foundation for understanding different religions and compassion for others.