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The Future is Mine

Reception Mrs Coates/Mrs McCarrick

Welcome to Reception!


We are so excited to be back at school to start a new year! We have lots of lovely topics planned for the year, including; Marvellous Me, Celebrations, Travelling Through Time, Our Community, Awesome Animals and Watch Me Grow! Keep checking our page to see what we are getting up to. 

Travelling Through Time!


This half-term we are travelling through time! We are going to start by using our Time Machine to travel back to Pre-historic times to look at Dinosaurs! We will be; Archaeologists who dig for bones and fossils, Paleontologists who find out about different Dinosaurs, and Writers to write to our friend, Tommy the T-rex! We will then travel to the Caribbean to learn about Pirates! We will make our own Treasure Maps, practice doubling using gems, and explore floating and sinking by making our own Pirate Ships. Finally, we will travel into Space to look at the Solar System and the Planets. We will read stories such as 'Whatever Next?' and 'How to Catch a Star', we will create beautiful moon pictures and design our own rockets and moon buggies! We can't wait to get started! 

Dinosaurs! Our friend Tommy the T-rex has asked us to look after some very precious eggs!

Pirate Treasure Hunt and Doubling Treasure!

Watch Me Grow! 

Spring is the perfect time to watch things grow, from plants and flowers to animals and minibeasts! This half-term we are going to be growing our own flowers and vegetables, looking at what animals and humans need to grow, and watching our very own caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies! 

Saying Goodbye to our Beautiful Butterflies!

Feed the Birds - we made bird feeders for our 'feathery friends'!

Marvellous Me! 

This half-term we have focused on us - and what makes us marvellous! We began by looking at our likes and dislikes and what makes us special, we brought our most special things from home to share with the rest of the class, we learnt lots about each other! We then looked at our families, who we live with, who is important to us, and what we do with our families, we each brought in some pictures from home which we made into a fantastic family tree! Finally, we looked at our bodies and our senses and what we have to do to keep ourselves healthy. We enjoyed walks outside to use our senses, we thought about smells and textures we like and don't like, and we have loved our PE sessions, keeping us fit! One of our favourite activities was drawing around each other and labelling the body parts! Take a look at the pictures...

Library Visit...

We had our first class visit to the library to collect our ‘Time to Read’ packs. We listened to some stories, looked at lots of books, found some animals hiding around the library, and even had time for songs and a game! We had a fantastic time! Thank you to the wonderful staff at the library! We’ll see you again soon!

Autumn is here!

This week in Reception we have focused on Autumn. We decided an Autumn walk over to our Forest School was just what we needed after a busy half-term. We all put our wellies on and set off with our baskets on the hunt for some Autumn objects. We found lots of colourful leaves, sticks and berries. We even found a scarecrow, which was very exciting! During our busy hunt for all things Autumn, we found a lovely apple tree, we decided to pick some of the apples and cook something delicious with them! We then decided it was time for a little rest – a yummy cup of hot chocolate was just what we needed!

Cooking up a storm!

After finding some delicious apples during our Autumn walk, we held a class vote to decide what to make with them. We had two choices, apple pancakes or apple muffins, most of us chose apple pancakes! We had a great time making them! We talked about hygiene, made sure our hands and equipment were all clean, measured our ingredients, mixed everything together and began to cook! We all enjoyed trying our pancakes with a lovely drink of milk!