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At Chopwell Primary School, we want to support pupils in becoming efficient and effective writers who are able to write appropriately for a variety of AUDIENCES and PURPOSES.  We ensure that pupils use the conventions of written language and grammar and are regularly given opportunities to plan, draft, edit and present their work. Most importantly, we want to develop a LOVE of writing.


Olympic Writing




Olympic writing is a whole school approach to assessment in writing. Olympic Writing has been put in place to help motivate the children of Chopwell in writing.  All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 receive target cards in line with Olympic Writing Targets. These targets are taken from Key Performance Indicators for Year 1 to Year 6. Divided into sentence structure, punctuation, text structure and organisation, composition and effect and handwriting, every child works their way through 5 target cards throughout the year to correspond with the 5 Olympic rings. (blue= beg, yellow =beg+ etc) Gold medal targets are achievable for children exceeding age related expectations.  Targets are celebrated when they are met and pupils are given their next target immediately so they can continue to progress.

Writing at Chopwell Primary School


Class teachers follow the curriculum map to ensure that children are exposed to a range of genres and writing forms. They may adapt when each genre is covered (within a year group) to allow for appropriate cross curricular links. Pupils complete an independent extended writing piece each week at KS2 and at least once a fortnight in KS1, working towards once a week by spring in year 2; however, some longer pieces in KS2 may take a fortnight to produce. This will result in the class teacher having a selection of independent writing to help assess the pupil against.

Teachers use a range of stimuli to inspire writing and engage the children: novels, newspaper articles, video clips, music videos and picture books. Stimuli and text types are mapped out on curriculum plan to ensure coverage. Teachers have been given training by the local authority to plan and deliver a series of lessons for the texts in highlighted red. 


In Year 2 to 6, teachers plan a piece of writing with the children using a toolkit. At the heart of the toolkit is PURPOSE and AUDIENCE. Each class has a toolkit display board and different colours are used to show the different aspects of the toolkit: Effect on the reader ; Toolkit ; examples including vocabulary.   Over the course of the week, teachers build up the toolkit with the children so it can be used to support the child in their writing. We have found that involving the children in this planning process ensures they have a good understanding of the text type as well as an awareness of their reader.











Writing for a real audience. In English lessons, we have been writing the story of The Bear and The Hare for our buddies in reception. At Christmas, Year 6 got the chance to read their stories to their buddies. The reception children said they really enjoyed them. Great work, Year 6!

Writing Curriculum Map Year A