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Year 3 – Miss Grey

Welcome to Year 3!

Miss Grey

In Y3 we are now excited to be junior children! We have lots of fun with Miss Grey and Mrs Snaith finding out new things. We work very hard on our Y3 curriculum and have covered topics such as 'Witches and Wizards', 'Celebrations', 'The Wonders of Winter' and 'The Arts'. Keep checking in to find out what we have been up to! 

In PSHE we have been looking at our feelings. This week we looked at feeling worried. The children were encouraged to write down a worry they had, say it out loud, think of ways to deal with their worry, scrumple their worry up and throw it in the bin. The children said they all felt much better!

The children constructed 3D shapes using a range of materials. They then used them to work out the properties of common 3D shapes.

The children went over to forest school to look for places where plants grew well and where they didn’t. They worked in groups to think about reasons why.

The children enjoyed an afternoon tea linked with their topic of the UK. They enjoyed sandwiches, cakes and scones with Y4 and Y3/4. Some of them even enjoyed a nice cup of tea!

After Christmas the children went into Chopwell to plant some bulbs. Today the children had the opportunity to go and see the flowers. They felt very proud to have made their community even prettier!

The children took advantage of the lovely weather today and went out onto the field to record their own sports programme. They worked in a group of 3 with one person as the presenter, one as the sportsman and the other as the camera operator. They had lots of fun!

The children had a great time measuring classroom objects in cm and mm.

The children made a real effort dressing up for World Book Day!

The children had a great time finding out about how 'rescued food' is turned into delicious recipes by the people from Pickle Palace. They were also lucky enough to taste some of the yummy chutneys and jams.

The children made Stone Age necklaces using clay.

The children had a great time visiting the Coop. They were allowed to pick two yummy treats and they had to work out how much change they would get before they got to the till.

The children took part in a germ experiment using glue and glitter. The children went around the classroom shaking each other's hands to see how easy it is for germs to spread.

The children have been learning to debug algorithms. Can you guess from their smiles who fixed the bug first?

The children have been exploring the different types of magnets in Science. They walked around the classroom and tried to find out which everyday objects were magnetic.

We have been practising our drawing skills by using different sketching techniques such as hatching, crosshatching, stippling and scumbling.

We have been playing apostrophe snap! The children had to match the words to their contracted form.